Lockwood Restaurant & Bar, Palmer House Hilton

A grand dining experience is created by the hand of an artist. The logo sets the stage

Create an identity system for a high-level, destination dining experience (complete with celebrity chef) that transcends the notion of the ubiquitous hotel restaurant.

Solution: Hand of the artist. The chef is artist.
The Palmer’s were passionate art collectors, accumulating the greatest collection of impressionist art outside of France, which they later bequeathed to the Art Institute of Chicago located less than a half block from the hotel.

Client: Palmer House Hilton, Chicago

Role: Art Director & Designer at Brand Culture Company

Project Scope: Lockwood Restaurant & Bar Identity System (Logo, Visual Vocabulary, Stationery, Sign Package, Launch Program Materials (Ads, Posters, Press Event Invitation), Menus, In-room Hotel Collateral & Website design)



Emily King